What is Hypox?

A Disinfection Solution

HypoX® is an advanced disinfection solution for water and surface applications. HypoX® is replacing Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide and eliminating the need for Ozone and UV mainly due to the economy, effectivity and safety.

An Oxidation Solution

HypoX® is an advanced oxidation solution for Iron, Manganese and Arsenic removal in a variety of water treatment needs. HypoX® reduces or eliminates sedimentation chemicals at the pre-treatment stage thanks to its high oxidation ability.

An Electrolyzer

HypoX® technology is based on an electrolysis process of Salt (NaCl), Water (H2O) and electric power. Ion exchange process between special HypoX® Anodes and Cathodes enables to produce an advance disinfectant from salt & water by electric power.

A Hypochlorite + Oxidants Mixture

HypoX® is taken its name from its mixture of Hypochlorite + Oxidants. The electrolysis combination of Sodium(Na), Chlorine(Cl), Hydrogen(H) and Oxygen(O), which is coming from Salt (NaCl) and Water (H2O) outcomes such as Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl), Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2), Hypochlorous Acid(HOCl), Ozone(O3), Oxygen(O2) and Hydroxyl Radicals(OH*) as a whole HypoX® product.

<1% Chlorine (Cl2) Concentration

HypoX® contains only 7 grams per liter Chlorine-Cl2, which means lower than 1% chemical concentration, which is out of all safety regulations according to EPA* and WHO*.

An On-site Generator

HypoX® Generator is designed to produce where consuming is; so, it is an on-site solution that locally produces the required amount according to live demand. HypoX® is not designed to produce and transport due to its <1% product concentration but it is designed to bring advantages by producing and consuming on the same location.

A Liquid

HypoX® is a Sodium Hypochlorite based Mix Oxidant, which is a liquid of light yellow colored. It smells like Sodium Hypochlorite due to its natural chlorine content.

8,5 – 9,0 pH

The pH value of HypoX® is only between 8,5 – 9,5; which is close to water and far from commercial Sodium Hypochlorite(pH12-13) and also Gas Chlorine (pH <4).