Horizontal sewage pumps

Industrial sewage pumps are specialized pumping equipment designed for pumping household and industrial contaminated liquids with a large amount of waste. They are mounted near the collector, which collects and distributes wastewater. Also, the equipment can be placed in a special sealed well. Effluent is sucked out through a special hose that descends to the bottom of the tank to an acceptable depth. The characteristic features of such devices are their compactness, more affordable cost and ease of operation. However, these pumps are noisier, require moisture protection, and require regular maintenance. Devices are mounted in situations where, due to the relief or other features of the building, it is not possible to lay sewer pipes at the desired slope.

Pumped liquids
Domestic and industrial waste water, raw waste water, viscous and aggressive liquids, liquids with fibrous and solid inclusions


Inlet/outlet DN 32…DN 300 mm
Capacity       up to 1600 m³
Head       up to  95 m
Casing Pressure (Pmax) 10 bar (16 bar)
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 C … +140 C