Float valves for tanks

Vertical Float Reservoir Valve for Dual Control is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, dual chamber valve. The valve opens when the level in the tank reaches the minimum set value and closes when the level reaches the maximum set value. Advantages and Features
-Autonomous – does not require an external power source
– Operated by float mechanism
-Ability to work in open/closed mode (on/off)
-High resistance to cavitation
-Suitable for low quality water
-Provides water circulation in the tank
-Full opening and closing by electric signal

– Reduces head loss
-Low noise
-Soft closing
-Diaphragm protected from damage
-Outdoor installation
-Easy access to valve and float
– Easily customizable
-Small wear parts
-Does not require complex maintenance on the line
-Universal design – the ability to add additional functions
Key additional features
-Maintain pressure “to yourself”
-Two-level electric float chamber
– Flow control
– Prevention of water hammer in case of sudden closing
-Maintaining a minimum level

10 years warranty