Selection of water treatment equipment

Electrolysis plant

Modern conditions of human life and not always favorable environmental conditions make us seriously think about water purification from harmful impurities, which special filters can provide at home.

Modern electrolysis plants are designed to carry out biochemical water treatment on an industrial scale. It is the process using electrolytic sodium hypochlorite that provides the most cost-effective and easy-to-equip decontamination, which is based on accurate dosing. Industrial and commercial enterprises have already realized the benefits of using this technique, so even large volumes of water are disinfected precisely by the preparation of sodium hypochlorite in electrolysis plants.

     As already noted above, the operation of electrolysis plants is based on a simple technological scheme, an additional element of which is an active liquid dosing system and a system that analyzes the content of residual free chlorine in water. The electrolysis plants themselves produce sodium hypochlorite by electrolysis of sodium chloride solution. The resulting solution has a minimum level of toxicity and high efficiency, the process of water disinfection is carried out in accordance with the standards and necessary hygienic requirements.

We are the official distributor of Kemisan® in the Republic of Uzbekistan, which manufactures modern electrolysis plants of the HypoX® and Clorel® series