Dul check valve

Pipe fittings are the most important parts of any pipeline, because they ensure the correct operation of the entire system. It is on how high-quality fittings you choose that the uninterrupted flow of the working environment will depend. If you approach the choice of equipment irresponsibly, for example, save money and buy a fake for a good mechanism, this pipeline promises a breakdown, and you will have big financial losses. To prevent this from happening, buy only high-quality pipe fittings from suppliers you trust. Shop RU100 has long declared itself as a responsible and honest supplier of pipeline equipment. Our goods are produced in modern and technically advanced factories, so we are confident in their quality.

One of the mechanisms that will be difficult to replace is the wafer disc check valve. This equipment controls the flow of the working medium and corrects it if it goes wrong. This valve plays a very important role in the pipeline mechanism, because if the flow of the working medium is lost uncontrollably, as a result, damage to the pump and fittings occurs. The wafer disc valve differs from the conventional one by the absence of flanges. Due to this, the weight and volume of the equipment are significantly reduced. Also, this fact greatly simplifies the installation process and the consumption of materials for installation.


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