Close coupled pumps

           Monoblock centrifugal pumps are centrifugal pumps whose casing is combined with an electric motor in one unit. Water enters the pump axially and exits radially. The impeller of the monoblock pump is mounted on the motor shaft, which allows to reduce overall dimensions, as well as friction losses in additional bearings. For air cooling of the electric motor, a rotating impeller is fixed on the end of the shaft opposite the impeller. The impeller is covered with a protective grille. Universal design and a wide range of operating parameters allow the use of monoblock pumps for circulation in heating, cooling and hot water systems, booster pumping stations for water supply and fire extinguishing systems, for increasing pressure and simply for pumping liquids in industry and agriculture. To create circulation in heating systems, a monoblock pump is used only when the pump with a wet rotor does not provide the specified flow and pressure, and the noise it creates does not exceed acceptable standards.

Pumped liquids

Clear or slightly contaminated liquids with low viscosity without solid or fibrous particles.



Inlet/outlet   DN 32…DN 150 mm
Capacity     up to 600 
Head     up to 100m
Casing Pressure (Pmax)     10 bar 
Operating Temperature (°C)     up to 40 °C