Ball check valve

The design and principle of operation of the ball check valve is extremely simple. The locking body in this case is a sphere, the position of which inside the body is determined by the pressure created in the pipeline. It is usually made of steel and coated with vulcanized NBR / EPDM or other material that provides anti-corrosion properties and a tight fit to the saddle.

The main advantage of the ball type check valve is the reliability and durability of the design, due to the absence of springs, membranes, petals and other elements subject to rapid wear and jamming. A significant plus is that in the open position it absolutely does not interfere with the movement of the flow, since the section is completely open. Another advantage is ease of maintenance – the shut-off element can be removed without disconnecting the valve itself from the pipeline. To do this, in the upper part of the housing there is a special cover that is attached to the housing with bolts. Through this technological hatch it is possible to carry out cleaning or replacement of the ball.