Submersible sewage pumps

Industrial sewer pumps are specialized equipment designed to pump liquids with a large amount of waste. Almost every such device has built-in grinders at the inlet, which provide crushing of large particles into a homogeneous liquid. Most sewers are designed so that drains move by gravity. However, if the entrance to the centralized sewer system is above the level of the plumbing device, then you will need to install a pump that will push the liquid out of the system. Such pumping equipment is designed specifically for pumping contaminated liquids that enter the sewer with waste from plumbing fixtures and household appliances. The installed grinder allows you to grind incoming waste into one mass. The following types of pumps for sewage are distinguished:
Submersible sewage pumps are characterized by a completely sealed housing, immersed directly in the drains. The device is made of stainless steel or cast iron alloys, which allows it to withstand the harmful effects of an aggressive environment. Such equipment functions automatically, turning on when the sensor rises to a certain liquid level. Thanks to such a system, the risk of idle operation of the equipment is eliminated.


Inlet/outlet   DN 50…DN 300 mm
Capacity   up to 1600 m³
Head   up to 95 m
Operating Temperature (°C)   10 bar 
Casing Pressure (Pmax)   up to 40 °C