Multistage pumps

CDL/CDLF type Pump series are are vertical, multi-stage, centrifugal, normal suction, equipped with standard electric motors. The motor output shaft is connected to the pump shaft through a coupling. The pump consists of working stages (impeller, diffuser) installed in a cylindrical body and connected with the tie bolts together with the base or plate and head part. At the base there are inlet and outlet pipes located on the same axis. The pumps can be supplied with a control cabinet providing protection against dry running, phase mismatch and overload.


Inlet/outlet DN 50…DN 150 mm
Capacity       up to 240 m³
Head       up to 305 m
Operating Temperature (°C) 10 bar (16 bar) – 25 bar
Casing Pressure (Pmax) -10 C … +110 C