Split case pumps

The casing of the pump is of spiral shape, consists of two cast parts, connected by bolts along the axis of the pump. The tightness between the flanges of both parts of the pump casing is ensured by a paper gasket.

Delivery is carried out according to the customer’s choice, a complex unit consisting of a pump with a soft coupling, a protective casing of the coupling and an electric motor on a common base frame.


The main applications for split case pumps include water supply, water circulation, water re-injection, sprinklers, cooling pools, air conditioning, water treatment, fire extinguishing systems, drip irrigation, fire fighting, etc.

Operating parameters:
Pumped liquid: Water 100%
T of pumped liquid: 20.00 °C
Pumped liquid concentration: 100.00%


Inlet/outlet DN 65…DN 600 mm
Capacity      up to 6000
Head      up to 180m
Casing Pressure (Pmax) 10 bar (16 bar) – 25 bar
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 C … +110 C